Daily Pre-Job Tailgate Meeting


Here is the overview of the “daily Pre job tailgate meeting

This is used …..to make the workers aware of their tasks for the day, and review the common hazards on site. To remind them to complete the FLHA’s ( Field Level Hazard Assessment ) as well as discuss any Safety topics related to the work and site..Once the FLHA’s have been reviewed the supervisor documents this on the form.

It is filled out .first thing in the morning, once workers have been assigned to tasks.  Then they complete their FLHA’s.  Of course these cards need to be checked for completeness.

All of the workers are required to attend . A supervisor or foreman can lead the meeting or delegate a different worker each day.

How all this is done will be covered in the complete course materials.

Any issues or concerns from any pervious meeting that need attention or have been resolved should be reviewed and documented.

Management needs to review all this information, to ensure that correct controls have been put in place. It is important for Management to the check the FLHA’s

The Daily Pre-job tailgate meeting form is distributed in the form of an NCR booklet.. There are two copies, one is kept at the company office, on site in a binder with a specific person. The other copy remains in the book.

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