Safety in a Box™ How it Works


The Safety in a Box™ starter kit is a 10 step safety system that includes the complete package of forms,cards, logbooks and guidebook required to increase jobsite safety and adhere to OHS legislation.

Safety In A Box ™ helps companies understand and meet their health, safety and legal obligations as well as mitigate any potential liabilities. This innovative, affordable, field-ready product gives you the knowledge and resources to keep your small and medium job sites compliant and safe.

Simply open the box, follow the User Guide, and you’re on your way to a safer, healthier workplace.

Safety in a Box Start Kit


Get COR & Reduce WCB Payments


Safety in a Box Start Kit


Safety in a Box™ comes complete with all the forms and logbooks required to set up and run your own safety program.

Easy to implement

All materials have been developed for maximum simplicity and ease of use – even a beginner can use it successfully.


Save time and money versus hiring Safety Officers and other safety experts to set up your on-site safety program. Safety in a Box™ is a one-step blueprint for a complete safety program.


The Safety Management Starter Kit is more than booklets and forms. It’s a process that includes documentation, implementation, communication and training that is done on a regular basis to ensure your workplace is functioning efficiently while keeping your workers safe and healthy.

“ACSA and Safety Ahead designed Safety in a Box™ so it would meet the needs of a wide range of companies… ACSA has ensured all forms, log books, and NCR booklets meet Certificate of Recognition (COR) standards and are acceptable for the Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) program as well as the COR program.”

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What’s Included in the Starter Kit

The Safety in a Box ™ Safety Management Starter Kit contains everything you need to set up and manage an effective safety program for your company.



Logbooks and NCR Booklets

  • daily logbook
  • first aid logbook
  • site safety inspection
  • daily pre-job tailgate meeting
  • toolbox safety meeting
  • weekly site safety documentation
  • equipment operators daily log/pre-use inspection
  • project daily report
  • pre-project safety meeting
  • light duty vehicle log book

User Guide Safety Forms

  • safe work practice
  • job hazard analysis
  • safe job procedure
  • sample general safety rules
  • notice of non-compliance form
  • witness statement
  • emergency response plan form
  • emergency site plan form
  • evacuation report
  • WCB 123 poster
  • monthly safety summary
  • yearly safety summary
  • safety communication form
  • … and more

Folding Cards

  • caution card – hazard alert system
  • field level hazard assessment card (FLHA)


“The key to any safety program is buy-in from everybody in the worksite. The easier it is to find all the information, the more likely they are to use it. It is an excellent concept”

Hon. Thomas Lukaszuk Alberta’s Minister of Employment & Immigration.

“Reading through the manual (included in the kit), I learned a lot about my responsibilities as an employer to my employees, and what their responsibilities were to me”

Chris Burchett, owner of Sylver Technologies, Edmonton AB

Works for Companies of all Sizes

Safety in a Box™ has been geared for businesses of all sizes to cover key safety requirements in an easy, practical and user friendly way. Simply follow the User Guide which explains in easy terms, the order of use, necessity, and how to fill the forms in. The kit also includes basic Safety standards as well as many of the forms, logbooks and cards required to meet Alberta OHS Legislation.

The Safety in a Box™ system helps:

  • new companies that are building a full safety management system
  • small budget companies prevent incidents that could cost upwards of a quarter of a million dollars
  • enable employers, with little or no training, to implement a safety program on the job site in less than 2 hours
  • provide support for employees, that are terrified of injuries and fines, in just days

Get The Starter Kit Today

“The Safety in a Box™ is a product I encourage my clients to utilize. It’s an all encompassing approach to safety, and with the extensive User Guide it makes a safety program easy to start up. Equipping the owner or safety manager with all the necessary tools required to make their company safe.”

V. Carnovale, Safety Services Provider.

Comprehensive, Easy to Use, Get Started Today!



The information presented in this publication is intended for general use and may not apply to every circumstance. It is not a definitive guide to government legislation or regulations and does not relieve persons using this publication from their responsibilities under applicable legislation. Safety Ahead Ltd. does not guarantee the accuracy of, nor assume liability for, the information presented herein. This information is a living document and must be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. The user must always review the current Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code to ensure compliance. The user must comply with all agreements set out in the User Agreement.

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